Should We All Really Shift to Internet Radio?

Internet Radio is rising in prominence, its evidence…..well Apple wants a bite at the pie, need i say more?

Recently Apple launched Apple Music signing up a huge chunk of Artists (including Taylor Swift) and its being dubbed as the “Spotify killer”. How it actually does remains to be seen, since Apple has not got the best reputation of getting into a new segment and being spot on *cough cough* Maps!

If you are in the U.S and want to choose between Apple Music and Spotify you should check out the comparison chart that Business Insider has compiled below.

Apple vs Spotify

If your outside the U.S like me and looking to make the shift i’ll tell you exactly what it felt like to me.

Affluent Library 

I own around 10,000 songs most of them downloaded from the internet, borrowed from friends and various other sources.Recently apps like Gaana, Saavn, Rdio have been providing free music streaming over a data network. All these apps can be upgraded to a pro version on a monthly basis. The pro version having uninterrupted supply of music, without ads and offers offline support too.

Lets face it you can never download a library of 35 million songs to choose from. I was skeptical at first about how internet radio would be feasible but after using these services i can confidently say you will love it.

Discovering New Music

No matter what service you use your song recommendations become progressively tailored to your liking. Many artists have been joining the likes of Rdio, so you can follow them and look at what music they are listening to. This is the best feature in my opinion regarding music discovery.

Organized library

It often happens that when songs are downloaded they miss album artwork, artist names are not in the correct fields and they require editing. No more editing now as all songs are absolutely legal and come with authentic album artwork.

Save your Hard Drive space for the movies

Optimize your storage and download only those songs that you need in case you are not going to have an internet connection. Its like having your entire music library on your phone or desktop without having to allocate your storage for it.

Desktop Support 

Worried how your music can be played on the desktop? Well.. they have you covered. Music can be streamed on the computer since the accounts are synced and all preferences are linked to your signup ID.

Shut up and take my money!!

Internet streaming is a relatively new concept to most of us in India but im certain this is going to be the future of how music is going to be heard all around. If you have not tried it yet its absolutely worth a shot even if you dont want to subscribe to the service permanently, i highly recommend you do subscribe though.


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